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A little bit different pool.


Regular visitors can take the opportunity to buy a so-called “chip wristband” and enjoy a 10% discount on the regular admission.
Furthermore – compared to regular visitors – the member’s credit is exhausted by minutes.

The price of the chip wristband is CZK 150. When charging the chip wristband with CZK 1000 or more, the chip wristband is free.
The chip wristband is transferable and can be used by anyone to whom it is provided by the owner. Children’s chips are color-coded to prevent misuse.
The minimum amount of credit for the first charge is CZK 300. Further recharging must be at least CZK 300.

It is no longer necessary to communicate with the cash desk employee when entering the facility. The visitor passes through the turnstile by attaching the wristband, which also serves for locking/unlocking the locker. When leaving, the chip wristband is not plugged into the collecting device; the visitor passes through the turnstile at the cash desk by attaching the chip wristband again. At this moment, the time spent in the swimming pool facility is deducted from the credit on the chip.
For season tickets no quantity discounts are available.

Credit Bank

This is a card that can be recharged with sums of CZK 1000, 2000 and 3000. We add a 10% bonus, so that the visitor has credit of CZK 1100, 2200, or 3300 available.
The card costs CZK 75 (from January 1, 2014). When charging the card with CZK 1000 or more, the card is free.
The difference between holding a credit bank and being a member is that a visitor with a charged credit card comes to the cashier and indicates how much time he wants to spend in the swimming pool and how many people he wants to pay for. It is thus possible to come with the whole family (everyone gets a chip wristband for passing through the turnstile and for locking the locker). When leaving, the visitors put their chip bracelets into the collecting device and – if no additional payment accrues – leave the facility. The amount will be deducted from the credit bank at the normal tariff. (The bonus is already charged).