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Regular entry

A little bit different pool.

Single entry

 1 h1,5 h2 h3 h
Mo - Th65,-90,-120,-160,-
Fr - Su75,-105,-140,-190,-
Young people under 15 years of age, students, persons aged 65 or older*
Mo - Th55,-75,-95,-130,-
Fr - Su65,-90,-120,-150,-
Persons with handicap pass ZTP + ZTP/P**45,-65,-80,-105,-
Mo - Su
Children from 3 to 6***
Mo - Su25,- on all day
Children under 3Free

Family admission fee

 1 h1,5 h2 h3 h
Parents + 1 child
Mo - Th170,-210,-290,-410,-
Fr - Su190,-260,-340,-480,-
Parents + 2 children
Mo - Th205,-295,-370,-520,-
Fr - Su245,-355,-430,-580,-
Parents + 3 children
Mo - Th250,-360,-440,-590,-
Fr - Su300,-440,-480,-640,-

Finess swimming

 1 h1,5 h
Mo - Su50,-70,-
Young people under 15 years of age, students, persons aged 65 or older*
Mo - Su40,-55,-
Persons with handicap pass ZTP + ZTP/P**
Mo - Su35,-45,-

Additional information

Prices include VAT; on public holidays, the prices correspond to the weekend prices.
The fee for a lost chip is CZK 200 / 1 pc.

For an extended stay, the additional payment will be calculated as a proportional amount of the entrance fee.
20 minutes spent in the changing rooms are added to the paid time spent in the pool.

* Students must prove their identity with a valid student card, young people from 15 to 18 years and seniors aged 65 years or older with an identity card.

** Handicapped people (ZTP and ZTP/P) must prove their identity with a ZTP or ZTP/P card (attending person free of charge).
Organized group (10 or more persons) 10% discount on the single ticket price (attending person free of charge).
We accept credit cards.

*** In case of uncertainty, the operator reserves the right to require proof of a child’s age
by submitting the child’s birth certificate, or showing a corresponding entry in the identity document of one of the parents. Otherwise
the normal rate for young people up to 15 years of age shall be applied.