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Visitor rules

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Sports Centre Radostova Luhačovice, contributory organization
Hradisko 1029, Luhačovice 76326

Visitor responsibilities

Description of visitor movement from arriving until leaving:

At the cash desk, after paying the entry fee, the visitor receives a chip and passes through a turnstile, then goes to the area where he takes off his shoes and puts them into a bag. He chooses a free locker and leaves all his garments and shoes in the bag in that locker. He locks the locker with the chip and attaches the chip to his forearm. The process of changing clothes itself must be done in the changing cabins. Prior to entering the swimming pool hall he must wash his whole body thoroughly with soap – after taking off his swimsuit. After each use of the toilet the washing process is to be repeated in the shower. Then he puts on his swimsuit and can then enter the swimming pool hall. After leaving the swimming pool hall, the visitor takes a shower (or washes himself) again, dries himself off, and puts on his clothes in the changing cabin. to dry his hair the visitor may use only the hairdryer provided by the operator and regularly checked. He takes his shoes out of the bag and puts them on only after the glass wall (towards the unclean sector). When leaving, the visitors puts his chip into the collecting device, which evaluates any eventual additional payment. If no additional payment accrues, the turnstile allows the visitor to pass, but in case of an additional payment, it must be settled at the cash desk, and then the turnstile is unlocked.

Visitor rules

The visitor rules are posted in front of the cash desk area.

Access to the swimming pool area:

  1. Access to the swimming pool area is only possible with a valid admission ticket obtained at the cash desk.
  2. After payment, the customer receives a chip that he must keep on his forearm for the entire duration of his visit.
  3. By purchasing a ticket and entering the pool, each visitor voluntarily accepts the provisions of these Visitor Rules and instructions from the responsible employees of the swimming pool.
  4. Children under 10 years of age are only allowed to access the swimming pool facility if accompanied by a person aged at least 18.
  5. When the pool reaches its full capacity, ticket sales are
interrupted until capacity is available again.

Exclusion of a visitor from visiting the swimming pool facility:

  1. People suffering from fever, conjunctivitis, contagious skin rashes, venereal diseases, diseases accompanied by discharges (such as pus), intestinal bacteria carriers, persons in quarantine due to an infection in the collective, members of families or households where an infectious disease has occurred and where the ill person is not isolated from the other persons, are not allowed to access the pool area. Access is also prohibited to persons who are infected with insects or are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. No admittance is granted to children aged less than 1 year (except for organized swimming of babies and toddlers).
  2. Visitors who violate the provisions of these Visitor Rules despite a warning, who do not follow the instructions of the responsible employees, who get drunk, take drugs or otherwise behave in an indecent or disruptive manner, will be expelled from the pool area without any entitlement to a refund of the paid entrance fee. If the visitor fails to leave the swimming pool area when being prompted to do so, the responsible employee of the pool is obliged to lead him out, or to ask the Municipal Police or the Police of the Czech Republic to intervene.

Operational instructions for visitors:

  1. The chip for entry and for opening the locker is sold at the cash desk of the swimming pool facility. Customers (members) with a purchased chip and prepaid entry take precedence over customers who buy their chips at the cash desk.
  2. Undressing/dressing is only allowed in the respective locker rooms, garments can be stored only in places intended for the purpose (lockers).
  3. The length of stay for a one-hour entry fee starts upon passing through the turnstile and ends upon attaching the chip to the exit turnstile. 20 minutes for undressing/dressing are added to every ticket purchased. If the customer exceeds this time, he must pay for the time which the stay has been extended by.
  4. The entrance to the dressing rooms will be closed 30 minutes before the end of the opening time. The visitor must leave the swimming pool area early enough to pass through the exit turnstile before closing time. All pools are closed 15 minutes before the end of the opening time.
  5. Before entering the pool area, every visitor is obliged to use the toilet and thoroughly clean his body with soap after taking off his swimsuit in the shower area. It is important that visitors do not wash their bodies with soap while still in their swimsuit for the following reasons:
    • washing cannot be thorough and sufficient
    • the soap stays in the fabric of the swimsuit, thus significantly contaminating the water in the swimming pool.
  6. The visitor must have a decent and clean, tight-fitting swimsuit and his conduct must not violate the principles of morality and decency. Access to the pool is strictly forbidden in shorts, underwear and Bermudas. Infants and young children need to have bathing suits with tight-fitting rubber bands. Babies and toddlers need to have swimsuits with tight-fitting elastic bands.
  7. Visitors who cannot swim, resp. swim only poorly, may remain in the non-swimmers area only.
  8. On smooth wet surfaces, all visitors must move carefully in their own interest, to avoid slipping, or even injury. The operator shall bear no responsibility for any damage or injuries that visitors have caused to themselves due to their own carelessness or by disregarding these rules, or caused by other visitors.
  9. The whirlpool is situated in the so-called quiet zone. That is why the access to this pool is only allowed for persons aged over 5 years. Younger children can use the children’s pool.
  10. Visitors are obliged to handle the pool equipment carefully, and not waste water. . They are obliged to reimburse any damage to or loss of pool equipment or the property of other visitors due to their own fault. For a lost chip visitors must pay CZK 200.
  11. Responsibility for brought-in items: The operator shall be liable for brought-in items within the meaning of the Civil Code only if they were deposited in a place intended by the operator for storage, where the visitor is obliged to follow the instructions of the pool staff. Deposited items within the meaning of sec. 433 of the Civil Code are considered items that are usually deposited depending on the nature of the respective operating area. Larger sums of money, valuables of higher value and jewellery must be reported at the cash desk and placed in special storage. We point out that damage which is attributable to the negligence or intentional fault of the visitor shall be borne only by the visitor. These guidelines are based on the current provisions of the Civil Code. A visitor who has incurred damage is obliged to report each case of theft to the nearest station of the Municipal Police or the Police of the Czech Republic Storage of items is provided for free. Items that are found in the pool area must be handed over to the lifeguard or the cash desk. Found items that are not picked up will be disposed of at the end of the current season.

Activities that are prohibited in the pool area:

  1. Entering the locker rooms and swimming pool areas in shoes. Behaving in a manner endangering personal safety and order or disturbing other people by noise. Diving into each other, colliding against each other and plunging other people into the water, running on the gallery and in other pool areas, jumping into the water except in places intended for that purpose (starting blocks). The children’s pool on the gallery is accessible only to children aged up to 10 years.
  2. Access to the area of the “Wild River” attraction is prohibited to non-swimmers and persons with poor swimming skills. The same applies to people with supporting aids, such as swimming rings and floats.
  3. For hygiene reasons, visitors are not allowed to use brushes or other instruments intended for body peeling in the steam room.
  4. It is not prohibited to bring in any toys, inflatables and other swimming aids in to the whirlpool.
  5. It is forbidden to carry over water between the pools.
  6. To enter areas that are not intended for the public. To spit on the floor and into the water, to urinate in the pool, to use creams while bathing, to throw away rubbish and to pollute the swimming pool area in any other way.
  7. It is forbidden: to smoke, shave, carry out manicure or pedicure, brush teeth, use perm or hair colorants, bring in glass or other items that could break and cause injury, use own electrical appliances, bring in dogs or other animals.
  8. To arbitrarily reposition furnishings, use radios, tape recorders, fins, diving goggles and bulky lifting means in the area of the large pool. To enter the swimming pool area without washing (without swimsuit) the whole body with soap. To demand services from the swimming pool staff which violate the operating rules. To enter areas intended for people of the opposite sex. To arbitrarily use first aid equipment and equipment without the swimming pool staff being aware, or to call for help without having a serious reason for doing so. To misuse the radio system, use balls and
wash clothes. To bring in food, chewing gum and drinks into the area of the changing rooms, showers, and swimming pools. To dwell in the swimming pool area in clothing other than swimsuits.

Final provisions:

  1. To provide first aid in case of injuries and feelings of discomfort, a clearly marked first aid office, the lifeguard’s room, is intended. First aid is rendered for free.
  2. Damaging or stealing pool property is an offense under the regulations in force. Other violations of these operating rules can also be prosecuted under the relevant criminal law provisions. These rules are obligatory for all visitors and employees of the swimming pool facility.
  3. Complaints, messages, and proposals from visitors can be addressed to the Operating Manager of the swimming pool facility, or to the Director of the Sports Center Radostova (operator).

In Luhačovice on February 1, 2015

Mgr. Tomáš Mejzlík

Director of the SC Radostova Luhačovice